Friday, December 5, 2008

This is going to take time!

Ok, after 10 minutes...I found my blog again! I just followed the link from another blog last time and got here--and then forgot to write down where I was! So, I know where I am in cyber-space and in real life I am resting after stacking more firewood. That dump truck that I originally laughed at who dropped his entire load of firewood in my driveway, I am now cursing! The pile never seems to get smaller! Of course it could have something to do with me ignoring it for the last week because my hubby was telling me I was "stacking it wrong"! Let him do it! Well after another 60 hour work week and then coming home and working on finishing our remodeling...the firewood has not been touched by him. So I decided to put on my big girl pants and take his advice in the spirit it was intended and stack the wood the way it is supposed to be stacked...but it is taking SO MUCH LONGER!! I preferred just dumping it in a pile!!
If the pile doesn't get smaller soon...I am going to put Christmas lights on it and a great big star on top! Why not make it look nice while it is cluttering my driveway??!!

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Kay said...

Bookmark it!!! (the blog addy I mean) I can never remember mine either, so I had to bookmark them.

Just think of all those WARM fires this winter. :o)